1. Terra Inanis (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    Somnium Nox (Australia)

  2. Cloak of Skies (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    Drug Honkey

  3. Scars of Aeons (Death/Sludge Monstrosity)
    Warcrab (UK)

  4. Among the Ruins (Stoner Death Metal)
    Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland)

  5. Self-titled (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    Illimitable Dolor (Australia)

  6. Cavalries of the Occult (Black/Thrash/Death Metal)
    The Furor (Australia)

  7. Den Förstörda Människans Rike (Death Metal/Crust)
    Henry Kane (Sweden)

  8. Maximum Carnage (Classic Death Metal)
    Warlord UK

  9. At This Great Depth (Atmospheric Doom)
    Soothsayer (Ireland)

  10. Label Sampler 2016

  11. The Brimstone Aggrandizement (Death Metal Supergroup)
    Echelon (International)

  12. At the Onset of Extinction (Blackened Death Metal)
    Sepulchral Curse (Finland)

  13. Stench Price (Grind Supergroup)
    Stench Price (International)

  14. Epicedia (Death Metal)
    Fetid Zombie (US)

  15. The Festival (Lovecraftian Metal)
    Swampcult (Netherlands)

  16. On the Outskirts of Hades (Death Metal)
    Paganizer (Sweden)

  17. Forlorn (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    Seedna (Sweden)

  18. Fearless Undead Machines (Death/Thrash Metal)
    Deceased (US)

  19. Once Entombed... (Death Metal)
    Abyssus (Greece)

  20. Dying Alone (Death Metal)
    Affliction Gate (France)

  21. Pest (Dissonant Black Metal)
    Norse (Australia)

  22. Altar of the Goat Skull/VI
    The Whorehouse Massacre (Miasmic Sludge/Doom)

  23. Deathsteps to Oblivion (Death Metal/Sludge)
    The Dead (Australia)

  24. Redemption (Spiritual Black/Death Metal)
    Preludium (Poland)

  25. Ghost in the Fire (Hypnotic Death/Doom Metal)
    Drug Honkey (US)

  26. Impending Hostility (War Black/Death Metal)
    Preludium (Poland)

  27. Ritual Executions (Sludge/Death Metal)
    The Dead (Australia)


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